Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The First Attempt

These are shots from my first roll of film. Oddly enough they were my last to edit. I lost the CD somewhere before I'd downloaded my editing software, I just found them again tonight and took a stab at fixin' 'em up a bit. I hope you take a second to click them and view them in fullsize, so you can actually see some detail. I've chosen to post small thumbnails so the blog itself doesn't become too cluttered and stretched.

::Clicking the thumbnails will open the full size view::

The Setup

I've officially fallen victim to the madness that is...dun dun dunnnn....the photoblog. This will more than likely be much less about my modeling and more about my newest found love in film photography.

Why a photoblog? well. Because. That's why.

Ok the actual reason is that I want a way to fully share my photos with whomever I choose. I've got a million websites at my disposal but I really hate the layouts, or the member restrictions. What good does it do me to link someone to a gallery, only for them to tell me that they can't see my photos because they're not signed up with the website? (DeviantArt comes to mind for this example) Other sites are just plain ugly (photobucket, anyone?) and all the good ones...cost money.

So here I am, my best alternative..I guess. We'll just have to try and see. Ready, set, GO!

A brief summary of how this came to be:

In the beginning, there was nothing
And then God said, "Let there be light!"

There was still nothing...but at least you could see it

About a year and a half ago I was given a film camera by my mother's boyfriend. I didn't know a damn thing about it, and I thought that before I went wasting film I ought to learn. So I downloaded the .pdf manual and I read up on it. After doing so I realized that with a little memorization I could know how to WORK the camera...but I still don't know jack about taking a good photo. So there the camera sat for over a year, tucked away on a shelf, lonely and forgotten.

Fast forward to about mid-April of this year. I'm online chatting with a photographer friend of mine and idly mentioned I wish I had a roll of film, just to see if I could actually do something worth while with that camera of mine. The conversation went elsewhere and I thought nothing of it ever again.
A few weeks later arrived a magical Box O' Stuff on my doorstep from the aforementioned friend. Just some silly trinkets that in some way were relevant to past conversations, inside jokes, etc. Something to cheer me up. Among all these things were several film canisters with, you guessed it, film inside.

It took me a few more months but I finally put two and two together and went and took some pictures. Finished out a roll of 24 exposures, off to Walgreens I went. 5 bucks and an hour later I had a CD of my images.
About two weeks ago I finally acquired a freeware program by the name of GIMP for my editing.

The rest is history...